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There are no limitations to our creative possibilities — only fun solutions to connecting your brand to your ideal customers. These captivating styles will leave a lasting impression while keeping your brand and product in the spotlight.

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This simple technique is great for food and beverage products with its Top-Down style offering a captivating visual spectacle. By skillfully arranging the elements from a bird's-eye perspective, the animation showcases the harmonious blend of colors, textures, and shapes, inviting the audience to indulge their senses even before tasting the delectable offering. 

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A shooting style often featuring a product displayed upright on a surface. This allows flexibility to experiment with various backgrounds and table surfaces, offering a more layered and compelling visual that elevates the storytelling and marketing potential. The technique's impact is further amplified with seamless and continuous video loops, engaging your audience in an enchanting journey.

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Enter our world of boundless creative services! From crafting longer-form animated stories to engaging explainer videos, there are many other options we can discuss.  Together, let's brainstorm and unlock the full potential of how to best show off your goods and tell your brand's story in the most

compelling way.

The Process

Each project is unique and has it's own path — but in general, after learning more about your project and your specific wants and needs, these are the next steps:


Ideas to Storyboard

Ship and Receive

Magic time

I generally work remotely with my clients, so after we've got sign off on the storyboards, clients will ship me their products or any other branding assets to shoot in my studio here in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I'm here to make your ideas a reality or take the creative lead to craft fresh concepts. Once we've honed in on a compelling vision, I'll create detailed storyboards and ensure they align with your preferences before moving forward.

It's animation time! This is the moment when our meticulous preparation and planning truly shine, culminating in

the seamless emergence of a dynamic animation that brings your product

to life!





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